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Frequently Asked Questions

How does 3D Printing work?

3D Printing starts in the computer by sculpting a virtual representation of your design.  This digital file can be viewed from all angles and edited before printing.  After passing extensive quality assurance checks the digital sculpture is sent to the printers and an advanced machine builds your designs out of your chosen material.  (Please see your material choices in our Workshop) 


Can I Sculpt my own design and hire Form'd to print it?

Of course!  We refer to our computer modeling work as sculpting for clarity purposes and you are more than welcome to 3D model or sculpt your designs.  We will run your design through a series of checks to ensure that it can be printed.  If it does not pass we can assist you in adjusting model thickness and mesh quality to successfully prepare digital designs to become physical objects.


What is a naked edge?

A naked edge sounds like a good thing but in the world of 3D fabrication it will prevent your designs from printing.  All 3D models must go through a series of checks before being sent to the printers. Naked edges are one of the elements we eliminate before printing.


How large or small can I print?

Every design is different and at Form'd we understand the tolerances and Design Rules to transform your ideas into reality.  This means that print size is dependent on qualities like print material and design thickness.  We are here to help guide you through this process of checks and balances so that your designs will make it to production.  As a general design guideline, our printers will print details down to .001 inches.  This allows us to print designs as small and as intricate as a penny.  We are also capable of printing designs as large as 12" (wide) x 24" (long) x 20" (tall).


How do I become a member of the Design Community?

The Design Community is a public forum where designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, craftsman, artist, etc. can advertise their business and work with Form'd.  If you are interested in becoming a member please inquire by sending an email to


How are print prices determined?

Print pricing is determined by a volumetric calculation of your designs. This means that the less material you use the less it will cost.  Each material has a set price per cubic inch.  Materials like Gold are subject to market changes and may fluctuate over time.   


Does Form'd provide a student discount?

Yes!  We provide a discount for students with either a registered .edu email address or a valid ID.  Please provide us with either one and we will adjust your bill.


Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yes, we do.  We try to ship flat rate priority USPS as often as possible. Product size and quantity obviously play a role in varying shipping cost but we will work with you to find the most cost effective solution for your shipping needs.