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Our vision for the Form'd Design Community is to provide local creatives with a forum to present their ideas alongside fellow creatives in their community.  We hope to grow this community by supporting locals and giving them the tools they need to be successful.  We encourage diversity, so Designers of all styles and industries are welcome.

Whether you are a jeweler, restaurateur, small business owner, etc. we would like to offer this space as your design co-op.  When you register to become a member of the Form'd Design Community you qualify to market your designs on our 3D Store.  Please, see the 3D Store in our navigation to learn more.



The Pocket Angel Project was born from the life journey of one man and his desire to send an encouraging message to others.  Verlyn is a retired veteran living in Livingston, Montana.  His story is as unique as his mission.    But don't take our word for it.  Watch the following video to meet Verlyn and learn more about his Pocket Angel Project. 

Verlyn is constantly caring for others by giving away his Pocket Angel's.  Verlyn has teamed with Form'd to provide a non-profit platform for The Pocket Angel Project to extend its reach.  Whether you buy coins or make a donation we will be giving the proceeds to charities across your community.  Learn how your purchase is changing lives here.



RENA is a product design firm. Their innovative design work is re-inventing the way that we navigate the world around us.  Their interests are multi-dimensional as they embody the ideal Renaissance Man or Woman persona.  Their design work varies but they challenge every industry they touch with fresh ideas and simple solutions.  Whether it be a Steel Straight-Edge Razor or a High Heel Shoe, RENA is providing their customers with the advantage of thoughtfully designed products made with custom 3D Printed Material. 

RENA has teamed with Form'd to utilize 3D Printing Technology in their design work.  Please revisit the 3D Store in our navigation to purchase more products designed by RENA and made by Form'd.

form'd team

Brock Spain,  

Lead Designer & Form'd Founder

Brock has been working with 3D Printing technology and Computer Modeling Software for the last eight years.  He was first introduced to the technology in an architecture classroom. Brock's passion for architecture led him to enroll into the School of Architecture at Montana State University.  During his years at MSU, Brock marveled at the 3D Printing process and very quickly incorporated it into his design work.

Brock received his Master's in Architecture in December of 2010 and began working full-time at Locati Architects in January of 2011.  After four years of design in the high-end residential market Brock left to embark on a new adventure.  Form'd was created shortly after and the journey of building a company dedicated to the world of design and 3D fabrication began.

At Form'd, Brock teams with local creatives to design and fabricate their ideas into solid reality.  He is always dreaming up new ideas and he utilizes hand-drawing techniques, computer-aided sculpting and 3D Printing to challenge the industries standards on design.  Brock works extensively to help clients of the Form'd Design Community market their work and believes that their is a creative solution to every problem.

"My desire is to provide these tools so that everyone with an idea can wear the title of designer proudly."

If you'd like to learn more about Brock and view MORE projects, please visit


Designer & Project Engineer

Nate is a valuable team member at Form'd.  His experience combines the best of both design and function.  He values creating beautiful objects that function extraordinarily well.  

He is a graduate of Montana State University where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  At Form'd, he works closely with clients to give them a well-rounded understanding of their products design and function.  Apart from 3D Sculpting he also manages projects and applies his knowledge of structural, thermal, etc. analysis to products of varying size and use.

Nate also owns and operates Niveus Productions, LLC.  Niveus is a full-service video production company that provides valuable marketing tools to the Form'd Design Community and beyond.  You can view some of his work here.