FORM'D - 3D Printing & Design

Let us take a moment to introduce the Form'd 3D Online Store.  Those that are members of the Form'd Design Community qualify to be a part of our Online Store.  The process of designing anything for consumption is difficult but we've worked extensively to eliminate many of the variables that keep ideas from ever meeting the consumer.  By providing our customers with design consultation and the latest in 3D Printing technology we have transformed the status-quo and then made it affordable for everyone.

If you have an idea and would like to develop it our team is prepared to help.  We have experienced teammates that will value engineer your design for affordability, provide design consultation for fabrication and market your work to the consumer.  If you have questions about the 3D Online Store or would like to learn more about the Form'd Design Community please visit the Contact page in the navigation above.  

We believe in your success and look forward to meeting with you!